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During my time helping with the harvest of several vintages, and all the subsequent pouring and tastings, I noticed an ongoing result - DRIPS! Lot's of drips. Anyone who enjoys wine knows how wine drips always seem to make their way down your wine bottle. Some may find it charming, and that's ok too, but I decided to go ahead and try and find a solution to this constant occurrence.    

I had of course seen and used several drip collars in the past, yet instead of some bulky ring or silly gimmick, I decided on creating a more aesthetic and streamline solution. Something sleek and complimentary to the wine bottle, easy to carry and easy to use. It had to be something I'd want to look at, something fun, festive and functional. Even if a pour spout were to be used... providing an elegant, dependable supplement in conjunction with any pouring spout device. 

This endeavor evolved into a slim, easy to slip on and off collar... a sleeve of Neoprene. Our neoprene artisan drip sleeves absorb the wine drips and keep them contained. That means clean wine bottles and dripless pouring!                                                                                       

Thus after lots of experimenting and countless prototypes and two patents latter, our products were born, christened in the language of Italy:

MUTA (Wetsuit) VINO (Wine) - Mutavino

That's our story.