Our drip sleeves slip easily on and off. All you have to decide on is how you want to deal with the "foil" on the wine bottleneck. There are basically three choices:

The most elegant and "proper" way, is to cut the foil under the second lip - yet the end result of this method is dependent on how well the corkscrew knife can cut the foil. If done well, this gives not only a nice clean look but it's the best way to let the bottle rim work in conjunction with the MUTAVINO of your choice.  Any drip from pouring can start to run down that built in rim and be absorbed and contained by our drip collar - NICE!

The second way to trim the foil, maybe not quite as appealing or elegant, but maybe easier, is to cut the foil on the first lip of the wine bottle neck - usually using a foil cutter that you simply twist and remove the foil cap. These foil cutters usually leave a very clean cut. In this case you would still place the Mutavino below the built in rim of the bottle neck.

The final way is to remove the whole foil by just pulling it off or slicing it and removing it. For casual wine drinking where appearances do not take the stage, this can be the quickest way and also eliminates any danger of jagged foil cuts to interfere with appearances or drip control.

The choice is yours, either way MUTAVINO is ready to do its job. Then just rinse gently when needed with a drop of dish soap under running water, pat with a towel and let air dry.

Keep In Mind: MUTAVINO drip sleeves are not exclusively for wine bottles, if the occasion and function fit - use it! You will find that our drip sleeves can be great for beer bottles, some liquor bottles and especially for sauce and olive oil bottles where drips can be especially annoying. Keep our Mutavino sleeves on your sauce and oil bottles and the like to soak up the excess drips, they will serve your purpose for a long while, then... toss it...and buy more!